RULES: Please Read

Any news and updates concerning the site or forum will be posted here. Also contains messages from the webmistress, and the Rules which you must read!

RULES: Please Read

Postby Jess » Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:31 pm

Just to keep things nice, and to make less work for me (;)) please follow these few rules -

001 No TyPiNg lIke tHiS or LIKE THIS ALL IN CAPS or lk ths in shrthnd. It makes it impossible to read, especially for those whose first language is not English, and it looks horrible.
002 Be mature, and accept that others may have a different opinion to you.
003 Try and keep one word/one smilie messages to a minimum.

001 Please do not direct to other fansites. Direct linking to commercial sites (eg yahoo, etonline ETC.) is fine though. You may direct link to pictures in the KHH gallery.
002 If you're posting large/high quality pictures try and make a thumbnail first. I think it gives you this option at the free image hosts (eg imagebucket etc.)
003 Don't know how to post a picture? See the relevant thread in the Questions & Suggestions thread.

001 Avatars may be no bigger than 80 x 80 pixels.
002 You may link to the avatars at KHH (thats what they're there for :p ).
003 Signatures may be NO LARGER than 500 pixels width x 200 pixels height. Need help resizing? Let me know.


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