Donating to KHH

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Donating to KHH

Postby Jess » Sun Oct 16, 2005 10:01 pm

The amount of space I have left on the server KHH is on is running out, and the monthly bandwidth usage of the account is massive, so I've decided to have a 'special area' on the site where only those who donate have access to. This area will feature exclusive/rare HQs and/or scans that have not yet been added to the site. They will be added to the site in time, but those with access to this area will get them before anyone else.
I don't like asking for donations but it seems like a reasonable thing to do as the site's traffic and size increases.
This section MAY also be available to the REGULAR posters here - I'm still thinking about that...
Donations can be made by clicking the little PAYPAL button on the side bar.
Thanks to anyone who helps out =)

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